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We offer efficient demolition services for commercial as well as residential buildings. Whether you are looking to demolish a house to build your dream one or demolishing an old commercial building to replace it with a modern one; Design Consolidated Contractors is the only name you can trust. Our team of demolishers is fully equipped to safely and quickly demolish the buildings using the latest techniques and futuristic tools.


Subfloors ensure the base of every floor. Make sure it is leveled and in perfect condition when you install your dream floorings. Or if you are making some additions to the property, you must revamp your floor to ensure a smooth transition. For this, you need to hire Design Consolidated Contractors to ensure the best quality subfloors on your property.

Surface Specialist

The first thing that gets damaged after years of use is the surface; be it the surface of your bathtub, kitchen counter, or floors. But you don’t have to look at the chipped bathtub or knife cuts on your kitchen counter when you have surface specialists one call away. Our team of expert surface specialists at Design Consolidated Contractors will retouch your surfaces making them smooth and shiny as new.

Carpet Tile

Nobody does carpet tiles like Design Consolidated Contractors! Add luxurious and high-end carpet tiles to your home or office with the help of our carpet tile team. Explore the wide range of designs for bedrooms, basements, and offices, and let our team make them a part of your space. From beautiful designs to an experienced team, let us do all of it while remaining within your budget.

Carpet Broadloom

Make your space look picturesque with our broad range of beautiful and modern broadloom carpets! After you pick one for your space, our experts at Design Consolidated Contractors will do an excellent installation. They know what to do and won’t leave till every nook and corner of the broadloom carpet is fixed properly.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Looking for a quality LVT flooring installation? Contact Design Consolidated Contractors today and add a luxurious touch to your floorings. From using premium quality luxury vinyl tiles to rapid installation, we do all of it. Using the latest technology and unique installation gears, our team of experts does the job like no one else. Not only the installation but we provide testing and maintenance services as well.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Dreaming of luxurious floors? Well, that is just one step away. Contact Design Consolidated Contractors and get the best luxury vinyl plank installation in town. From getting plenty of options to choose from to rapid and efficient installation, we do it all and that too keeping in mind your budget. In addition to the installation services, we provide repair as well. So you could maintain picturesque floors all year long.


Choose from our wide selection of hardwood floorings and get guidance from our experts who have been doing hard floorings for years. After helping you choose one, our team takes care of the things till the last plank of wood gets installed. In addition to wood floor installations, we at Design Consolidated Contractors provide impeccable maintenance services for your homes and offices as well.


No home or office is complete without ceramic installation. Let Design Consolidated Contractors install the most durable and lifelong ceramic tiles to your living space using the latest gear and expert techniques. From providing you with a variety of modern ceramic tiles to installing them in a flawless manner, our team of ceramic floorings experts know their job very well and are fully equipped to cater to your needs.


Our Specialties

  • Estimators: Our in house estimators provide accurate measurements with competitive pricing.
  • Project Management: Our project managers are certified through FCICA’s Certified Installation Manager Program.
  • Field & Schedule Supervisor: Overseeing quality control
  • Warehouse Storage: You can store your ongoing renovations or new build material with us.
  • Certified Installers: Trained and professional installers. Night and Day crews available.

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